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    ALL ARE INVITED to join young feminist artists from Hunter College, The New School, New York University, Pace University, and Queen Mary University of London for a night of feminist artwork, free food, and critical & creative examination of “Living in a Gendered World”.

    Tomorrow will be full of amazing feminist film, visual art, dance, poetry, and interactive artwork— don’t miss out!   

    Click our Facebook event page LINK for directions and more information!

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  • Are you a feminist artist, writer, designer, performer, musician, or filmmaker?

    Submit your work to The Fempire and it could be featured in our first annual Intercampus Arts Night at Hunter College, open to the public!

    The theme of this year’s Arts Night is “Living in a Gendered World”, and the deadline is MARCH 17TH AT 11:59 PM!

    To submit, follow our instructions here:

    You do NOT have to be in NYC to submit— digital submissions are encouraged! The artwork does NOT have to be original— it could be from a previous event. It’s our goal is to facilitate an inclusive event for feminists from all walks of life and age groups to come together in solidarity and enjoy food and good company!

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  • projectqueer:



    Did you know? Prom is coming up! And you have a right to express your gender identity. Your school may be violating the law if it doesn’t allow a female student to wear a tuxedo or a male student to wear a dress.

    And non-binary students have the right to dress how they feel best represents their gender expression and gender identity without having to conform to society’s binarist social norms and beauty standards.


    Re-blogging for added commentary. ^

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  • "By comparison, domestic violence is downright controversial. It touches on complicated issues like power, rape culture, victim-blaming, and gender roles, and stirs up uncomfortable emotions. While few people would claim they support abusers, many known perpetrators of domestic violence — from Roman Polanski to Chris Brown to a number of football players — remain venerated cultural figures. Is it any wonder that, even though domestic violence affects many more women and families, breast cancer is the issue we’ve all come to associate with October? Every year 232,340 women are diagnosed with invasive breast cancer; 1.3 million are assaulted by their husbands or boyfriends. One in eight women will suffer from breast cancer in her lifetime. One in four will experience domestic violence. Good luck finding that statistic on a yogurt lid this month."

    Ann Friedman, NY Magazine (via 500fairytales)

    I’m just gonna leave this here…

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  • "Dude, you’re so edgy and politically incorrect. It’s totally ironic and satirical how you regurgitated those ancient and threadbare stereotypes. It reminds me of my great great great great grandpa, Cracker von Patriarch, who also challenged the status quo by embracing it with loving tenderness."
    I don’t know where I came across this, but it’s witty as fuck (via octagon-surgeon)

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  • takealookatyourlife:




    Top adviser to Greg Abbott, the Republican candidate for Governor of Texas, tweets that “Wendy Davis is too stupid to be Governor”.

    The tweet came only weeks after Abbott thanked a supporter for a tweet that referred to Wendy Davis as “Retard Barbie.”

    Wendy Davis graduated from Harvard Law School with honors in 1993.


    Do people take this man seriously?!

    Yes, unfortunately they take him very seriously. He’s the front runner for gov here in TX but luckily a lot can change in a year and I hope it does.

    wow bad form abbott

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  • brutereason:

    I’ve seen a few responses to my post about not telling survivors to go to the police that basically boil down to this: “Avoiding the system won’t fix it. How are we supposed to make harassment/assault prosecution better if we’re just telling people not to pursue it?”

    Okay, here are some…

    songbird: A+ response. No-one should expect martyrdom of people who’s suffered.

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